Comprehensive Wedding Checklists

E ngrav ed wi th insert cards,
return card s
Formal invitations S i mple pri nted i nvitations pers onal i nvitat ion or phone
Bridal Gown
Fl oor lengt h gown with long
trai n
Fl oor lengt h gown, long
t r ain ok a y
Floor l ength or short er Street-l en gth dress or suit
B r ida l Ve il
Long veil Veil Short Veil Short veil, or hat
Gl oves
Long glov es with short
sleev ed or sleev eles s gown
Short or medium len gth
glo ves
N o gloves N o gloves
Fl oor lengt h gowns,
h eadpi ec es an d gl oves
Fl oor lengt h or tea lengt h
dr ess es and gl oves
Tea-lengt h or st reet lengt h
dr ess es, n o gl oves or h at s
S t reet lengt h dress es or
Full dress t ailcoat , c ut-
away coast f or dayti me
Tuxedo, dress shi rt Tuxedo or di nner jac ket ,
dr ess shirt
Suit with dress shirt
Ful l sit-down dinner,
cat er ed or el ab orat e bu ff et
B uf fet , dinner or catered
Sim ple buff et C a k e and c hampag n e,
m ayb e hors d' oeuvr es
Orchestra Danc e band DJ Optional
F lo ral Deco r
Elab orat e f or churc h and
rec epti on
Arrangements in church, at
head t able
Sim ple Decor ati ons Optional
Wedding Party
Large weddi ng part y -
m any att end ants, inc lud e
flower girl s, ri ng bear er,
and t rain bear er
Medi um-sized weddi ng
Small w ed ding party,
mayb e o ne o r t wo
at tendants plus mai d of
honor and best man
Maid of honor and best
# o f Brid esmaid s
4 to 12 2 to 6 1 or 2 M aid / M atro n of ho n o r
P rof essional photographer
with form al set up sh ot s
P rof essional photographer
- candid shot s
Candid shots No prof es sion al, a friend
with a camera
Ceremony Music Checklist
What are the requirements of your church regardi ng appropriate music?
Must you use church musicians? What is the cost for church musi cians?
May you use recorded music?
May secular love song s be used duri ng the ceremony or must music be li turgical.
Can secul a r music be used during the gathering time prior to the beginning of the ceremony or
after the recessional as people are leaving?
May soloists be used or are there some songs (such as Our Father) which must be sung by the
May outside musicians be brought in, and may they use existing sound equipment or must they
bring their own equipment?
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