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Are you a creative student who
likes the idea of earning a B.A.
degree that you can build aroun
your interests and prepares you
for the future you want?
If so, NEW COLLEGE might be the place
for you, with:
An individualized, interdisciplinary Bachelor of
Arts curriculum.
Degree programs in the Humanities, Natural
Sciences, Social Sciences, and Creative Arts.
Learning in and out of the classroom.
A block course schedule that helps you make the
transition to college.
New College welcomes first-year students who me
Hofstra's regular admissions standards as well as
transfer and Honors College students.
Build Your Own Degree
Build your own interdisciplinary B.A. program,
with guidance from your adviser, by combining an
two academic areas that interest you the most. The
choices are yours, and the possibilities are endless
Concentrations include:
Psychology and Creative Writing
Fine Arts and Economics
Computer Science and Philosophy
Biology and History
Film and Drama
For more information,
please contact:
211 Roosevelt Hall
130 Hofstra University
Hempstead, NY 11549-1300
Phone: (516) 463-5824
100 Hofstra University
Hempstead, NY 11549-1000
Phone: 1-800-HOFSTRA
Hofstra University is an EO/AA/ADA educator and employer.
find your edge
New College is a division of Hofstra College
of Liberal Arts and Sciences (HCLAS).
New College
new perspectives
new directions
new choices
First-Year Students: Take One Course
at a Time
During your first year in New College, you follow a block
schedule. You take one course at a time, for 3 1/2 weeks, for
a total of four courses - taken sequentially - each semester.
Choose four block courses for fall and three
for spring.
Form friendships in small classes and enjoy
close working relationships with your professors.
Combine in-class activities with field trips
and events in New York City.
Create a first-year independent project.
Each block course is worth four credits. Block courses
(with the exception of the first-year independent project)
may be used to satisfy the University’s English composition
and/or distribution requirements.
Beginning with your sophomore year in New College, you
join other students on the regular University schedule. You
choose from the wide range of courses available through
the other schools in the University, and integrate these
courses into your interdisciplinary degree plan.
Hands-On Learning
New College recognizes the value of hands-on experience,
in and out of the classroom. In addition to lectures, a typical
day might include debates, presentations, individual or
group projects, or film screenings. Field trips and events in
New York City include Broadway and off-Broadway plays,
museums, Ellis Island, the United Nations, Greenwich
Village, Major League Baseball games, and The Metropolitan
All New College degrees also require independent projects
during the first year and senior year, as well as study
abroad and/or domestic or international internships,
typically during the junior year.
Hofstra and Beyond
Graduate schools and employers of all types value college
graduates who are creative, independent thinkers, who
are able to solve problems that cut across traditional
boundaries, and who work well as members of a team.
New College emphasizes these very attributes. With its
interdisciplinary degree programs, innovative approaches to
learning, and the practical experience it provides through
hands-on coursework and internships, New College gives
you the knowledge and tools that will help prepare you for
a wide range of careers or advanced study.
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