Claim for Age Pension and Pension Bonus

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If you have a partner and you are both claiming Age Pension, you may choose to complete
one claim pack together or complete a separate claim pack for each person.
If your partner is not claiming Age Pension they still need to provide their details. They can
do so on this form or a separate
Partner Details
form (Mod P). If you do not have this form,
go to
Complete the claim form(s) and any additional forms required. You may choose to use an
accountant or financial adviser to complete your
Income and Assets
form (SA369) but you
must sign it. If you need other people to assist with completing your forms, make sure you
give them the forms as soon as possible.
To make sure you are paid from the earliest possible date, you should lodge your claim as
soon as possible. You may lodge your claim form without the other forms and documentation,
however, they will need to be provided before the claim can be processed. Age Pension
claims can be lodged up to 13 weeks before you reach age pension age.
How to claim
Make an appointment with the ophthalmologist/optometrist who usually treats you
(and/or your partner). You should have been given a
Request for Ophthalmologist/
Optometrist Report
form (SA013). If you do not have this form, go to
When you (and/or your partner) make the appointment, tell the receptionist that you (and/or
your partner) need the optician to complete a form for us, as they may need to allow more
time. The optician may complete the report and give it back to you (or your partner) or they
may send it directly to us. Make sure the report has your (or your partner’s) name and
address on it.
Age Pension for
people who are
permanently blind
Department of
Veterans’ Affairs
Disability Pension
payment option
If you (and/or your partner) currently get a Disability Pension from the Department of
Veterans’ Affairs (DVA), you can both choose to have your Age Pension paid by DVA
instead of us. You will need to complete the claim forms but lodge them with DVA
(contact your local DVA office for lodgement details).
For more information
Refer to the Information Booklet at
If you need a translation of any documents for our business, we can arrange this for you
free of charge.
To speak to us in languages other than English, call 131 202.
Note: Call charges apply – calls from mobile phones may be charged at a higher rate.
If you have a hearing or speech impairment, you can contact the TTY service on
Freecall™ 1800 810 586. A TTY phone is required to use this service.
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