Claim for Age Pension and Pension Bonus

Claim for Age Pension
and Pension Bonus
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When to use this form
Use this form to claim the following:
Age Pension
The Age Pension provides income support and access to a range of concessions for
eligible older Australians. The Age Pension is paid at different rates depending on a person’s
circumstances and includes incentives for people to maximise their overall income.
Pension Bonus
The Pension Bonus is a tax free lump sum payment for registered members of the
Pension Bonus Scheme who have deferred claiming Age Pension and stayed in paid work.
The scheme is closed to new registrations. If you are registered in the scheme you must
claim the bonus at the same time you claim Age Pension. Conditions apply.
Filling in this form
Returning your form
Check that all required questions are answered and that the form is signed and dated.
Return this form and any supporting documents to us within 14 days so we can process
your application or claim. If you cannot do this within 14 days, contact us for extra time.
If extra time is required, you must contact us at the earliest possible date to make an
You can return this form and any supporting documents:
online – submit your documents online. For more information about how to access an
Online Account or how to lodge documents online, go to
by post – return your documents by sending them to:
Department of Human Services
Seniors Services
Reply Paid 7808,
Canberra BC ACT 2610
in person – if you are unable to submit this form and any supporting documents online
or by post, you can provide them in person to one of our service centres.
What else you may
need to provide
You may need to provide identity documents. For a list of acceptable documents refer to
Confirming your identity in the
Information you need to know about your claim for Age
Pension and Pension Bonus
(Ci006) (Information Booklet).
In your claim pack, you should have the following:
Claim for Age Pension and Pension Bonus
form (SA002)
Income and Assets
form (SA369).
Forms in your claim
You can access your Centrelink, Medicare and Child Support Online Services through myGov.
myGov is a fast, simple way to access a range of government services online with one
username, one password, all from one secure location. To create a myGov account, go to www.
Online Services
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