Child Under 16 Travel Document Application - Canada

Canadian Travel Document Photo Instructions
Note: Photo specifications for the travel document are different from those for a permanent resident card.
You must submit two (2) identical unaltered photos with each Canadian travel document application. Digital (electronic format) photos are
The photos must:
be taken by a commercial photographer;
be clear, sharp and in focus. Photos may be in colour or in black and
have a neutral facial expression (eyes open and clearly visible, mouth
closed, no smiling);
have uniform lighting—no shadows, glare or flash reflections;
be taken straight on with the face and shoulders centred and squared
to the camera;
be taken in front of a plain white or light-coloured background to clearly
distinguish the person from the background. Photos must reflect or
represent natural skin tones;
be originals that have not been altered in any way or taken from an
existing photo;
reflect the current appearance of the child (taken within the last six (6)
months); and
be professionally printed on plain, high-quality photographic paper
(photos printed at home and photos printed on heavy-weight paper are
not acceptable).
Frame Height 70 mm (2 3/4 in.)
Minimum Face Height
31 mm (1 1/4 in.)
Maximum Face Height
36 mm (1 7/16 in.)
Frame Width 50 mm (2 in.)
Photo Co. Ltd.
111 Any Street
Photo taken
I certify this to be a
true likeness of
(child's name)
Guarantor's Signature
Not actual size. Refer to measurements above.
The following must appear on the back of one photo
The name and complete address of the photo studio (not a P.O. Box) and the date the photo was taken. The photographer may use a
stamp or handwrite the information (stick-on labels are not acceptable).
The guarantor's signature.
Additional information
Prescription glasses may be worn in photos as long as there is no glare and the eyes are clearly visible. The red-eye effect, tinted
glasses and sunglasses make the photos unacceptable.
Hats and head coverings must not be worn, except for religious beliefs or medical reasons. However, the head covering must not cast
shadows on the face and the full face must be clearly visible.
Child photos
The above instructions apply equally to photos of children;
The photo must show the child's head and shoulders only. The hands of the parent or the child must not appear in the photo.
Passport Program, Citizenship and Immigration Canada recognizes that it is difficult to obtain a neutral expression from a newborn and
will be tolerant in this respect.
For newborn babies, the photo may be taken while the child is sitting in a car seat, as long as a white blanket is placed over the seat
behind the child's head. There must be no shadows on the face or shoulders, around the ears or in the background.
More information is available at
Privacy Notice Statement
All personal information provided on this application form is collected by Passport Program, Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC)
for the purpose of determining entitlement of the child to a Canadian travel document and to provide information to the Consular
Operations Bureau of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development Canada in the event that the travel document holder requires assistance
while travelling abroad. In the performance of those services, personal information is collected, used and disclosed under the authority of
the Canadian Passport Order and in accordance with the Privacy Act and any other federal laws, regulations and policies applicable to
the protection of personal information, as described in Personal Information Bank PPTC PPD 101 (Certificate of Identity and Refugee
Travel Documents). In the context of the delivery of travel document services, CIC and other federal government institutions or
Government of Canada offices abroad assisting in the delivery of travel document services may exchange personal information. In
addition, in determining current and ongoing entitlement and to maintain the integrity of the Passport Program, all personal information
collected is subject to verification and security queries to authenticate identity and citizenship, as well as to identify the existence of
grounds for refusal to issue a travel document, the revocation of a currently valid travel document or the refusal of travel document
services. In the same context, the guarantor's personal information is also subject to verification and security queries to determine
whether the individual meets the guarantor requirements. Personal information may be disclosed to third party entities, such as law
enforcement authorities and identity document issuing institutions, for verification and security queries required in the delivery of travel
document services. Personal information may also be disclosed by third party entities to CIC or other federal government institutions or
Government of Canada offices abroad for those same purposes. To strengthen the security of the Canadian travel document, CIC uses
facial recognition technology. Also, an electronic chip is inserted into the booklet. The chip contains, in electronic format, the photo of the
bearer and the personal information found on page 2 of the booklet.
CIC may contact the applicant/passport holder to solicit feedback about passport services.
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PPTC 192 (2015-05) R1
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