Child Under 16 Travel Document Application - Canada

Child Travel Document Application
for stateless and protected persons in Canada (under 16 years of age)
Entitlement to a Canadian Travel Document
Important notice—We recommend that you not finalize your travel plans until you receive the requested travel document.
A Canadian travel document reflects the identity of the applicant as determined by proof of immigration status in Canada issued by
Citizenship and Immigration Canada and documents to support identity.
Travel document (United Nations Convention Relating to the Status of Refugees, 1951 and its Protocol of 1967): issued to persons in
Canada with protected person status, including Convention refugees and persons in need of protection.
Certificate of identity: issued to permanent residents of Canada who are not yet Canadian citizens, who are stateless or who are unable to
obtain a national passport.
Some countries may not accept the certificate of identity as a valid travel document. You should check with the consulate or embassy of the
country the child will be visiting before applying for a certificate of identity.
Canadian refugee travel documents and Canadian certificates of identity are not valid for travel to the bearer's country of citizenship.
For stateless and protected persons in Canada 16 years of age or over, use form PPTC 190, Adult Travel Document Application.
Eligibility for either a travel document or a certificate of identity can only be determined after all required information has been submitted and
reviewed. These documents are issued only in Gatineau, Quebec.
If the child is issued a Canadian travel document and later obtains a travel document or a passport issued by the child's country of
citizenship, you must return the Canadian travel document issued in the name of the child to Passport Program, Citizenship and
Immigration Canada.
Requirements Checklist
All four (4) pages of the application form completed and signed
within the last twelve (12) months
Two (2) identical unaltered passport photos of the child taken
within the last six (6) months
Application form and one of the photos certified by your guarantor
A valid and eligible proof of immigration status to Canada for the
child (original only—the document will be returned to you)
Any Canadian certificate of identity or Canadian refugee travel
document issued to the child
Any valid or expired foreign travel document or national passport
issued to the child or in which the child's name appears
Acceptable proof of parentage
All documents (including any divorce judgment) that refer to
custody of, mobility of, or access to the child
A copy of the receipt for fees paid (IMM 5401) if you have applied
for Canadian citizenship for the child
The fee
Note: All documents submitted throughout the travel document
application process that are in a language other than English or
French must be translated by a certified translator.
Additional documents or information may be requested in support of
this application.
Travel Document – Can$57 Certificate of Identity – Can$141
All applicant must pay Can$57 when submitting an application for a child. If Passport Program, Citizenship and Immigration Canada
determines that the child is not eligible for a travel document but may be eligible for a certificate of identity, you will be asked to provide the
balance payable of Can$84 before the child's application is processed.
There is a separate, non-refundable Can$45 administrative fee for the replacement of a valid lost or stolen Canadian travel document.
Methods of payment (Canadian funds only)
Debit card (Interac), Visa Debit, Virtual Visa Debit or other
prepaid cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express) only for
in-person applications submitted by the cardholder. Prepaid
debit cards are not accepted
Credit card and prepaid card (embossed only). If you are
applying by mail, see section D.
Certified cheque or money order (postal or bank) in the exact
amount, payable to the Receiver General for
Every person who requests travel document services must pay the
applicable fee in the exact amount.
Applicants who cancel their application or are refused a Canadian refugee
travel document or certificate of identity are not eligible for a refund of the
service fee.
Passport Program, Citizenship and Immigration Canada does not accept
personal cheques or payment in cash.
Administrative fees and applicable interest will be applied to all
dishonoured payments.
Fees are subject to change.
Credit Card Information
If you are applying in person, do not complete this section. If you are applying by mail and paying by credit card, complete and submit with your application.
Card type:
Visa MasterCard American Express
Name as it appears on card Card number
Date of expiry
Name of child
AUTHORIZATION—I authorize the Passport Program
to charge
to my credit card.
Signature of cardholder
Month Day
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PPTC 192 (2015-05) R1
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