Child Benefits Claim Form

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Birth certificate
Passport Recorded
Other Registered
Date claim received
Document(s) returned
Please now tick the boxes that apply to you and sign this form to claim Child Benefit.
I am sending the birth certificate(s) or other documents that you need with this form.
If you don’t send the documents we need with this claim form, a decision on your claim will be delayed.
Do not send photocopies.
I declare that the information I have given on this form is correct and complete.
If I give information which I know is not correct or complete, you may take action against me.
If you need more help or information,
please go to or phone
our helpline.
If you have a change in your
circumstances please write to us at:
Child Benefit Office
PO Box 1
NE88 1AA
When you get in touch with us
please tell us:
your full name
your National Insurance number
your Child Benefit number
(if you know it or have one), and
a daytime phone number.
If you are in the United Kingdom:
Helpline 0300 200 3100
Textphone 0300 200 3103
Ffoniwch 0300 200 1900
i dderbyn fersiynau Cymraeg o
ffurflenni a chanllawiau.
If you are overseas:
Helpline 00 44 161 210 3086
For information about other money
you may be entitled to, please read
page 6 of Child Benefit Getting
your claim right (CH2 Notes).
Documents we need
You need to send us these documents with your claim form:
The birth certificate or adoption certificate for each child in this claim.
Do not send photocopies of birth certificates.
If you don’t send the documents we need with the claim form, a decision on
your claim will be delayed.
Extra pages you’ve filled in if you want to claim for more than two children.
Any Home Office documents that we’ve asked you to send us. I
f any child in this
claim was born outside the UK we also need to see their passport(s) or their travel
documents used to enter the UK.
Make sure we have the right address to return your documents. If you move without
telling us your new address we will be unable to return your documents and we may
destroy them.
If we believe that any of the documents you send us are not genuine, we may
keep them.
What to do now
Please fill in the address label and include it in the enclosed envelope with this claim
form and any documents or pages from the list above.
If you don’t have an envelope send this form to:
Child Benefit Office (GB)
NE88 1ZD
We will normally send the document(s) back to you within four weeks. When we have
dealt with your claim we will write to tell you if you can get Child Benefit and if so
how much.
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