Change of Address Form for Social Security

Form CT-8822 Instructions
Form CT-8822 Back (Rev. 3/08)
File Electronically Through the Taxpayer Service
Center (TSC)
The TSC is a self-service interactive tool that can be accessed
through the Connecticut Department of Revenue Services
(DRS) website for a free, fast, easy, and secure way to
conduct business with DRS. Taxpayers can access the TSC
to le tax returns, pay Connecticut tax responsibilites, and
update account information, such as a change of address,
electronically. If you le electronically, you do not have to
mail in a paper Form CT-8822. Visit the DRS website at, click on the TSC logo, and follow the
File by Paper
Use Form CT-8822 to notify DRS you changed your home
or business mailing address, or the physical location of your
If this change affects the mailing address of your children
who led Connecticut income tax returns, complete and le
a separate Form CT-8822 for each child.
If you received a Connecticut tax return with an incorrect
address on the preprinted mailing label, and a return has not
yet been led, note the new address on the return. There is
no need to le this form. If a return is not due at this time or
a return with the corrected address information was not led,
use this form to notify DRS of the new address.
If the change of address occurred after the return was led
and a refund is expected, also notify the post of ce serving
the old address. This will help forward the refund to the
proper address.
Prior Name(s)
If you or your spouse changed your name due to marriage,
divorce, etc., complete Line 5.
PO Box
If the post of ce does not deliver mail to your street address,
write the PO box number instead of the street address.
Apartment Number or Suite
Be sure to include any apartment, room, or suite number in
the space provided.
Foreign Address
If the address is outside the United States or its possessions
or territories, enter the information in the following order:
Number, Street, City, Province or State, Postal Code, and
Country. Do not abbreviate the country name.
If you are completing Part I, you must sign this form and in
the case of a joint return, both you and your spouse must
sign this form. In the case of gift tax, the donor must sign
this form.
Part III requires the owner, an of cer, or a representative
of the business entity to sign this form. An of cer is the
president, vice president, treasurer, chief accounting of cer,
etc. A representative is a person who has a valid Power of
Attorney to handle tax matters. If you are a representative
signing for the taxpayer, attach a copy of your Power of
Attorney to Form CT -8822. In the case of trusts and estates,
the duciary or an of cer representing the duciary must
sign this form.
Where to File
Mail to: Department of Revenue Services
State of Connecticut
Registration Unit
PO Box 2937
Hartford CT 06104-2937
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