Business Report Template Guide

Here is an example of a business report question from the
2001 HSC exam. There is a sample answer with comments on
the following pages.
In your answer, you will be assessed on how well you:
use your knowledge and the information provided
communicate using relevant business terminology and
present a logical, well-structured answer to the
question in the form of a business report
‘Taking the fast lane to successes is a goal of a
business called Spatial Internet. This information
technology business has been operating as a
partnership for two years and has achieved rapid
It is now finding the competition stronger, threatening
its market share. The business has another problem
in retaining its mostly young, highly educated and
mobile staff.
Spatial Internet wants to expand into e-commerce.
The question always
gives you hints which
steer you in a certain
direction in terms of
what to write about. You
could reasonably assume
that an information
technology business
would sell products such
as internet connection
facilities, computing
packages and other
If the question gives you
information about the
business like this, it is
usually for a reason. You
should underline or
circle important words
like these and think
about how you could
comment on them in
your report.
You need to know your
work well!
E-commerce is buying
and selling over the
Internet and requires a
business to set up a
website, online payment
facilities and
distribution channels for
getting the products
purchased to the
What could you make
from these points?
- Young staff may want
flexible working
- being highly educated
they are very
employable, in demand
and could leave if they
do not like working for
Spatial Internet.
So to achieve effective
employment relations
what strategies could be
used to address these
This part of the question is a great place to look for
phrases that you can use as the major headings of
your report. A basic report structure could be built
out of these:
Situational Analysis (which all reports have -
sometimes called an
Executive Summary)
Funding Options for E-commerce Proposal
Managing Change Strategies
Achieving Effective Employment Relations
Achieving Effective Social Responsibility
Report Summary (in other words a conclusion)
For the major headings you could then make
up sub-headings which cover each point or
issue you are going to explain.
Funding Options for E-commerce Proposal:
1. Owners Equity or Retained Profits
2. Bank Loan
3. Leasing
4. Overdraft
It’s a good idea to spend 5 minutes at the
start planning your report in this way.
Make sure you highlight or circle the directive word in the question – are you being asked
to explain, analyse, evaluate etc. Explain requires you to make the relationships between
things evident, providing how and/or why.
These are the broad
assessment criteria.
The best answers not only
include your own detailed
knowledge, but make links
between it and the
information provided.
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