Business Newsletter Sample

Course Overview
What to Expect:
This course is
designed to prepare
you for a career in
business. We will
cover topics such as
ethics, appropriate
dress in the
workplace, and the
interview process.
Although we will have
several projects,
activities like speakers
and off site visits will
make it very exciting
and hands on for you.
My goal is to keep the
information relevant
to you and incorporate
newer technologies
throughout the
My Expectations:
Please show up on
time and prepared to
participate. Treat this
class as you would
your first job.
What other
students have said
about this course:
“I didn’t realize how
important my outfit
would be in an
interview…now I
know!” – James S.
“The business
professionals we met
ended up being
possible future
employers. I plan to
keep in touch with
them.” – Chloe S.
“Our class had a blog
for each project due
and it really helped
me to communicate
with my group.” –
Jimmy S.
A Typical Week:
Mon New Topic Intro
Tues Research &
Wed Group Work
Thurs Speaker or Field
Fri Recap and
What to look
forward to:
Speakers from the
technology and
fashion industries.
Dress for Success
tear sheet session
with a business
Mock interviews.
Real life case
“High expectations are
the key to
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