Application to Transfer or Retain a Vehicle Registration Number - UK

The DVLA may want to inspect your vehicle. If so,
the DVLA will contact you.
Once your application is approved, the following will apply.
The vehicle in section 2 will be given a replacement
vehicle registration number appropriate to its age,
unless you want to assign another appropriate
vehicle registration number at the same time.
The vehicle in section 3 will have its current vehicle
registration number withdrawn (even if it is a
personalised registration number), unless you also
apply to transfer or retain it when you make this
We will send your new V5C and a Retention Document,
(if you are retaining the vehicle registration number),
within two weeks of receiving your application.
However, this could take up to four weeks if you
included a V62 or if we need to inspect the vehicle.
If you do not receive your documents after eight weeks,
phone DVLA Customer Enquiries on 0300 790 6802.
If you have given someone else’s details as the
Grantee the Retention Document will be sent to them.
You are responsible for informing your insurance
provider of your new registration number, otherwise
you may receive a continuous insurance penalty.
Conditions on taxing a vehicle
What happens next?
Insurance write-off
Also, we can cancel a transfer or retention application if:
you have not met the conditions for transferring
or retaining a vehicle registration number;
any information you give in this form, or in any
document used to support this form, is false or
there is any mistake relating to the vehicle
registration number; or
your bank does not send us your payment.
Further information:
You cannot transfer or retain a vehicle registration
number starting with a ‘Q’ or ‘QNI’ prefix.
It is an offence to misrepresent a vehicle registration
number on a number plate (for example, by making
a ‘5’ look like an ‘S’). See leaflet ‘Vehicle registration
numbers and number plates’ (INF104) which you can
get from
You can transfer a vehicle registration number to or
from a vehicle as long as both vehicles are registered
within the UK. See leaflet INF46.
This applies to the vehicle in section 2.
If your vehicle has been written off it may still be possible
to transfer or retain its vehicle registration number if:
your insurers have not scrapped the vehicle and
have agreed, in writing, to you transferring or
retaining the vehicle registration number (include the
written agreement with your application);
the vehicle is available for us to inspect (we will also
ask for an insurer’s engineers report); and
you have met the conditions for transferring or
retaining the vehicle registration number.
You can pay by:
Cheque, banker’s draft or postal order made payable
to ‘DVLA Swansea’.
You can get application forms V62 and ‘Application for
vehicle tax’ (V10) or an ‘Application to tax a Heavy Goods
Vehicle (HGV)’, (V85) from or
any Post Office
branch that deals with vehicle tax.
You can get an ‘Application for first vehicle tax and
registration of a new motor vehicle’ (V55) by phoning
0300 790 6802. If you are deaf or hard of hearing and
have a textphone, phone 0300 123 1279. (This number
will not respond to ordinary phones).
Insurance write-off
How to pay
Where to get your application forms
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