Application for International Driving Licence

Send to:
The Automobile Asso ciation,
International Motoring Services,
Fanum House, Basing View,
Basingstoke, Hampshire RG21 4EA
Please read all information relevant to your application and
the Important Notes
carefully. All incomplete applications
will automatically be returned to you.
1949 IDP
– Statutory Charge (£5.50)
+ processing fee (£3.00) = £8.50
£ ______
1926 IDP
– Statutory Charge (£5.50)
+ processing fee (£3.00) = £8.50
£ ______
Priority fee (optional)
£4.00 £ ______
Search Fe e (w he re required)
£4.00 £ ______
Plastic Holder (optional/each)
£1.00 £ ______
UK Secure post (optional)
£ ______
Overseas Mail
£ ______
Overseas courier (optional)
£ ______
Total Paid
£ ______
Cheques and Postal Orders should be made payable to
"Automobile Association". Bank drafts and Payment cards
(credit/charge/d ebit) are not accepted for these transactions.
IDP Checklist
You must send a clear and full photocopy (NOT THE
ORIGINALS) of the following valid documents:
Your UK driving licence (if photocard licence, photocard
front and back),
your UK pass certificate (certificate of competence to drive,
valid for two years from the date of your test) and your
provisional driving licence,
A recent passpor t sized photograph (45-50mm high x
35-40mm wide) on photographic paper signed by you on
the back and showing full face against a light background.
Photograph checklist:
a. Recent.
b. Printe d on photo quality paper on a plain
c. A close up of head and shoulders.
d. No other people or objects visible in the photo.
e. Full face with eyes open.
f. Sharp focus and clear.
g. No reflection from spectacles if worn.
A photocopy of the page(s) of your passport displaying
photograph and identification details.
Enclose a self-addressed envelope - C5 (229X162mm)
preferred but must be at least 16cm x 12cm), no stamps
Original signed application form (licence holder's
signature only). We are unable to accept completed
applications which are photocopied or emailed.
Appropriate fees (which are a minimum of £8.50 per
Should both permits be required please include two
photographs and two fees (£8.50 each permit) with your
application. No more than one permit of each type may
be issued to an applicant.
1. DETAILS ABOUT YOURSELF When applying for your documents(s) please allow at least
10 working days for processing your application form.
Last name: First name:
Second initial: Title: Date of birth:
Town and country of birth:
Address: (as shown on driving licence and to which the permit may be sent)
Contact tel no (inc STD code): email address:
Countries you are visiting (see list of countries for which a
permit is required):
Date of Travel: (see Important Note '1') :
UK driving licence driver no:
I declare that the information I have given on this form is correct, that I have read the important notes and supporting information, and that I am over 18 years
of age. I confirm that the driving licence shown is current at the date of this application. I understand that it is my duty to comply with the relevant laws of the
countries in which I wish to drive a motor vehicle. I confirm that I have passed a UK or equivalent driving test, have not been ordered by a court of law to
retake a UK driving test and have not been banned from holding a licence on medical grounds. If I have been unable to provide a legible copy of my valid UK
driving licence; I authorise and consent for the purposes of the Data Protection Act 1998, for the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) to supply
information to the Automobile Association that may be held on its computerised database which relates to myself and driving entitlement past and present
including any valid endorsements / disqualifications. This authority will expire within three months of the signed declaration.
Signature: Date:
June 2015
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