Application for Certified Mississippi Birth Certificate - Mississippi

Eligibility: A certified copy of a birth certificate can be issued only to a person with legitimate and tangible
interest as defined by the Rules Governing the Registration and Certification of Vital Events.
Primarily this is:
1) Registrant (the child named on the record), if of legal age.
2) Parent(s) listed on the birth record, if VR office has not been notified of termination of parental rights.
3) Spouse, sibling(s), or grandparent(s)/child(ren) of registrant, proof of relationship required.
Legal Guardian, guardianship papers must be provided.
5) Legal representative of one of the above persons, proof of representation must be provided.
Licensed adoption agencies working within the statutory authority of §93-17-205.
Other person(s) by court order, certified copy of court order must be provided.
Birth records are available for genealogy purposes for birth events occurring over 100 years ago. Genealogy must be
provided as purpose for certificate and family relationship to the registrant must be specified. Plain paper copies
rather than certified copies are provided for genealogy purposes.
Requirements for Ordering: If applicant is self, spouse, parent, grandparent, sibling, child, grandchild, guardian, or legal
representative, then the applicant must provide a completed application and a copy of a valid photo identification of
the applicant. Acceptable forms of identification are the following:
Photo Driver’s License Photo State Issued ID Employment ID
School, College or University ID US Military ID Tribal ID
Alien Registration/Permanent Resident Card Temporary Resident Card US Passport
OR two forms of identification from the following list:
Social Security Card
Utility Bill (showing address)
Medicaid Card
Snap/EBT card (showing address) Work Identification Veteran Universal Access ID Card
Guardian or legal representative must submit proof of guardianship/legal representation with this application. Legal
representatives must provide attorney bar number, name of person represented, and their relationship to the
registrant. If you are an agent of local, state or federal agency requesting a record, indicate in the space provided for
“relationship” the name of the agency. If you do not have one of the above referenced documents, please contact
Vital Records at 601-576-7981.
Relationship to Applicant: A person ordering his or her own certificate should enter “SELF” in this space. Also, explain if name has
been changed by marriage, legal name change (when and where), etc. Others must identify their relationship to the
registrant clearly.
Nonrefundable: Vital record fees are nonrefundable, with the exception of fees paid for additional copies when no record is found.
Failure to Receive: Complaints of failure to receive certified records will be honored within 6 months of the original request. If the
copy was to be returned to you by U.S. Postal Service, please allow 3 weeks after mailing the request before
inquiring. Inquiry about copies ordered with payment for special courier delivery should be made within 7 days of
the request. Mail returned because of insufficient address or address changes will be re-mailed if this office is
notified of correct address within 6 months of request.
Options for Service: Certified copies of birth records may be ordered in person, by mail, or, if paying by credit card, online or by
telephone. Processing time is generally 7 – 10 working days after receipt of request. If amendment action is
necessary, additional processing time will be required. Payment of fees is required at the time of ordering.
WALK-IN SERVICE is available at 571 Stadium Drive, Jackson, Mississippi between the hours of 8:00 am and 5:00 pm.
Most records will be available while you wait, some require special processing and will be mailed within 7 - 10 days of the
MAIL-IN requests, either on the form provided or as a free form request will be processed in the order received and will be
returned by regular U.S. Postal Service, unless accompanied by a prepaid special courier self-addressed envelope.
PAYMENT BY CREDIT CARD can be done using an online service or by telephone. The private company approved to
handle credit card transactions for Mississippi birth records can be accessed by calling 601-576-7988 or by visiting and clicking on link for online ordering. If you have questions or need additional assistance call
601-576-7981. A recorded message outlining ordering requirements and options can be accessed by dialing 601-576-7450.
P.O. BOX 1700
JACKSON, MS 39215-1700
Mississippi State Department of Health Revised 3-18-11 Form 522
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