Application for Australian Passport

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Online form PC8_0814
Application for an Australian Passport
If you have any questions
about this form or about
how to get an Australian
passport, or if you wish
tocomment about our
service, offer suggestions
for improvement, or
register a complaint, visit
our website or contact
your nearest Australian
diplomatic mission or
Protect your identity
Keep your passport
safe at all times.
Report its loss or theft
See page 5 for details.
find your nearest
Australian diplomatic
mission or consulate
PAssPOrt website
befOre YOu trAvel
visit the Department’s website
to view the latest travel advice
The following things will help you complete the form correctly, speed up your application
and minimise our requests for further information:
Completing your form
and print within the boxes in
Complete the form in English.
If you are not required to give information in some parts of the form, leave the boxes blank—
do not mark or cross them out.
Choose an appropriate guarantor to endorse your photograph and complete section 11 of the form.
Your guarantor must either possess a current Australian passport or be employed in an approved
professional or occupational group. See page 4 for more details.
lodging your form
Adult applications should be lodged in person by the applicant at the nearest Australian diplomatic
mission or consulate. Child applications should be lodged byaparent/person with parental
responsibility for the child (the lodging parent is not required to be an Australian citizen). The
parent/person lodging the application should also bring photographic proof of their identity. You
maybe required to make an appointment to lodge this application. Please visit the Australian
diplomatic mission or consulate website for details.
what to bring to your passport appointment
Your completed form.
The application fee. Check with the Australian diplomatic mission or consulate for details of the
currentfee and acceptable methods and currency of payment.
Your current or most recent Australian passport if you have one.
Documents that prove your Australian citizenship and your identity (see page 2).
If you are under 18 years of age (and have never been married): your full original birth certificate
showing the names of your parents and your full name at birth. (Australian birth extracts and
commemorative certificates are not acceptable.)
Name change documents, if applicable (see page 3).
Two colour photographs, less than six months old, with one signed as a true photograph of the
applicant by the guarantor (seepage 4).
You must provide original supporting documents
You must provide approved English translations for any foreign language documents.
All Australian citizens can apply if you have any questions or doubts, or require proof
of yourAustralian citizenship, contact the Department of Immigration and Border Protection
(DIBP) in Australia on131 880, visit their website or contact your
nearestAustralian diplomatic mission or consulate.
Use this form only if you are an Australian citizen who is applying for an Australian
If you are renewing your Australian adult passport visit to see
ifyou areeligible to use the streamlined renewal process. If you qualify you can complete and
print the one page renewal form. Phone your nearest Australian diplomatic mission or consulate
if you need help.
Processing time for your passport: Please allow for a turnaround time of three weeks. If you
haveanurgent need totravel, contact your nearestAustralian diplomatic mission orconsulate.
Parental consent: Under Australian law, the written consent of each person with parental
responsibility for a child is required before a passport may be issued to the child. Forfurther
information, read the notes on page 3 or visit
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