Airman Comprehensive Assessment (ACA) Worksheet

AF FORM 931, 20140701
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Resource utilization (e.g., time management,
equipment, manpower and
Consider how effectively the Airman utilizes
resources to accomplish the mission
Sought after utilization expert in saving
time, equipment, manpower, and
budget with impact outside of work
center or unit (very few Airmen)
Sought better ways to more
effectively utilize time and other
resources (some Airmen)
Made good use of available time
and other resources within Airman’s
control (majority of Airmen)
Improperly or inconsistently
managed time and other resources
(few Airmen)
Is the model Airman, raised the
standard in all areas for others to
emulate; coached others
(few Airmen)
Exceeded all standards of fitness,
conduct, appearance and behavior;
influenced others by example
(some Airmen)
Consistently met all standards,
exceeded some
(majority of Airmen)
Failed to meet some or all
standards (few Airmen)
2. Comply with/enforce standards:
Consider personal adherence and
enforcement of fitness standards, dress
and personal appearance, customs and
courtesies, and professional conduct
Remarkable communicator; mentor
and teacher; has the presence and
confidence in any setting; sought
out by leaders for various
communication forums
(very few Airmen)
Clearly conveyed complex
information in a concise manner;
improved communication skills in
themselves and others; encouraged
and considered others’ input
(some Airmen)
Able to convey most information
in an understandable manner;
makes some effort to improve
communication skills
(majority of Airmen)
Not articulate; does not assimilate
or convey information in a clear
and concise manner
(few Airmen)
3. Communication skills: Describes how well
the Airman receives and relays information,
thoughts, and ideas up and down the chain
of command (includes listening, reading,
speaking, and writing skills); fosters an
environment for open dialogue
1. Air Force Core Values: Consider how
well the Airman adopts, internalizes and
demonstrates our Air Force Core Values
of Integrity First, Service Before Self,
and Excellence in All We Do
Airman for others to emulate;
personal conduct exudes Air Force
Core Values; influential leader who
inspired other to embody Core Values
(very few Airmen)
Embodiment of Integrity, Service
Before Self, and Excellence;
encouraged others to uphold
Air Force Core Values
(some Airmen)
Consistently demonstrated the
Air Force Core Values, both on
and off duty (majority of Airmen)
Airman failed to adhere to the
Air Force Core Values
(few Airmen)
Relentlessly pursued personal and
professional development of
themselves and others; efforts
resulted in significant positive impact
to unit and/or Air Force
(few Airmen)
Driven Airman; exceeded both
professional and personal
development goals with positive
impact on individual performance
or mission accomplishment
(some Airmen)
Established goals and progressed
to meet those goals for professional
and/or personal development
(majority of Airmen)
Made little to no effort to complete
expected professional and/or
personal development
(few Airmen)
2. Personal and Professional development:
Consider the amount of effort the Airman
devoted to improve themselves and their
work center/unit through education and
Epitomizes an Air Force ambassador;
Airman consistently and selflessly
led efforts that inspired esprit de
corps with significant impact to the
mission and community (few Airmen)
Active participant; organized and
occasionally led team building and
community events (some Airmen)
Fostered esprit de corps through
volunteerism and actively involved
in base and community events
(majority of Airmen)
Made little to no effort to promote
esprit de corps or community
(few Airmen)
Esprit de corps and community relations:
Consider how well Airman promotes
camaraderie, embraces esprit de corps,
and acts as an Air Force ambassador
IX. KNOWING YOUR AIRMAN (To be discussed by Ratee and Rater during feedback session)
1. How do you think you are performing in the unit? How can your unit help you perform better?
6. Would you like to offer any suggestions/feedback? (e.g., unit improvements, safety, productivity enhancements, existing programs, living conditions)
2. What are some of your goals for self-improvement? (Goals should be SMARTSpecific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Time-bound).
2a. Do you have personal (family, financial, fitness, etc.) goals? Would you like to discuss?
2b. What are your professional (assignments, academic, professional, etc.) goals (i.e., CCAF, BA, SNCOA completion, special duties, etc.)?
3. Do you have stressors in your life? If so, what are you goals for reducing them? How can we help?
4. Do you have Wingmen? Do you have at least one mentor?
5. How would you rate yourself as a Wingman and a mentor? Can you provide some specific examples?
7. Expectations for unit and Ratee (Areas for improvement, strengths and weaknesses; recommendations for improvement).
NOTE: This information is to enhance open communication; the rater will not utilize or document any areas discussed in Section III or IX when preparing
evaluations (Ref: AFI 36-2406).
Caring, respectful and dignified environment
(teamwork): Rate how well the Airman’s
selfless consideration and expectation of others
and value of diversity, set the stage for an
environment of dignity and respect, to include
promoting a healthy organizational climate
Airman displayed little to no respect
for others and/or themselves
(few Airmen)
Fostered a dignified environment
by consistently treating Airmen
and themselves with respect
(majority of Airmen)
Displayed strong interpersonal
skills by proactively meeting others’
needs, held others accountable for
professional conduct to enhance
a dignified environment
(some Airmen)
Unmatched interpersonal skills;
always displayed exemplary conduct
and behavior with actions that are
tone-setting, resulting in measurable
increases in teamwork and unit
effectiveness (very few Airmen)
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