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Phone: 517-353-1720
Fax: 517-355-4657
International Center
427 N. Shaw Lane, Room 105
East Lansing, MI 48824
E-mail: [email protected].edu
The Office for International Students
and Scholars (OISS) is the hub for
international student involvement at
MSU. OISS provides services to
welcome you as a new international
student to the MSU community and
provides various kinds of support
throughout your stay at MSU to
assist you in fulfilling your
educational objectives.
At the beginning of each semester,
the staff in OISS organizes an
important cultural, educational, and
social orientation program to
acquaint you with the opportunities
and challenges that you will face as
an MSU student. Arrival information
is sent to all new students.
Information about International
Student Clubs can be found at
The OISS staff also assumes an active
role in advising you about your
responsibility to comply with U.S.
immigration regulations. OISS can
assist you in accessing your personal
funds through your home country by
providing the documentation required
to meet the currency exchange
regulations of your government.
Although OISS does not have
scholarship funds to distribute,
financial aid reference materials are
available on their website. OISS also
provides special services to formal
sponsors of international students.
OISS staff welcomes you to visit
their office if you need advice
and/or assistance with a broad
range of concerns that can have
an impact on your successful stay
at MSU. OISS serves as a resource
center because it provides important
information, cross-cultural programs,
and quality services to international
students and their families. The
office strives to give you a positive,
enriching, and fulfilling experience at
Michigan State University.
On campus Housing information can
be found at
MSU also has an off-campus
housing site at
International applicants
MUST return
pages 10 and 12 along with the
other admissions documents.
International Applicant Checklist
The list below is a reminder of the items MSU requires in order to process an admission decision.
This checklist does not need to be returned to MSU.
I have included a check or money order payable to
Michigan State University in the amount of U.S. $50
for the application fee.
I have listed all universities I have attended on item 16
of the application.
I have signed the completed application.
I have arranged to have official transcripts or mark
sheets, diplomas and or certificates sent directly to
MSU from each institution attended. Photocopies are
not acceptable. Records not issued in English must
be submitted with a word-for-word English translation.
Translations may be prepared either by an authorized
translator in your home country, or by an ATA
American Translation Agency (see
I have checked and filled out my English Language
Proficiency record and arranged to have the scores sent
to MSU directly from the testing center or testing agency.
I have completed the Affidavit of Support. Please
note: the Affidavit of Support, including verification of
finances, is valid for one year. Please include
dependent information.
I have arranged to have three letters of
recommendation sent directly to the department or
school to which I am applying.
I have printed my name on the application and
Affidavit of Support
as it appears on my passport.
This information will be used to complete the
necessary visa documents (I-20 or DS-2019).
Applicants from China: I have submitted my
verification report as listed on page 9.
Page 10 Michigan State University, 2015-2016 Application for Graduate Study
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