ADOPT-050 How to Adopt a Child in California

How to Adopt a Child in California
If this is an independent, agency, or international adoption, fill out and file the forms below. You can get them
from the court clerk or from the California Courts Self-Help Center:
The social worker writes a report.
Go to court on the date of your hearing.
The child you are adopting
Form ADOPT-210
Form ADOPT-215
Form ADOPT-230
A camera, if you want a photo of you and your child with the ju dge
Friends/relatives (optional)
If you want your child to have contact with his or her birth family, fill out ADOPT-310, which asks for an open
If you are adopting an Indian child
Form ADOPT-220
Adoption of Indian Child
Form ADOPT-225
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How to Adopt a Child in California
Judicial Council of California
Revised July 1, 2010, Optional Form
Independent, Agenc y, or Intern ation al Adoptio ns
In every adoption, a social worker writes a report. This report gives important information to the judge about
the adopting parents and the child. The social worker will ask you questions. You may have to fill out forms.
You may be required to pay a fee for this report. The social worker will file the report and send you a copy.
When you get the report, ask the clerk for a date for your ado ption hearing.
Is this an “open” adoption?
In addition to the forms listed in , fill out and bring:
Parent of Indian Child Agrees to End Parental Rights
Attach a copy of the tribal customary adoption order to Adoption Request, ADOPT-200
Attach a copy of the tribal customary adoption order to the Adoption Order, ADOPT-215
If you are adopting through a tribal customary adoption:
Fill out court forms.
Adoption Request
This tells the judge that you and the child, if over 12, agree to the
adoption. Fill it out, but do not sign it until the judge asks you to
sign it.
ADOPT-215 Adoption Order
Adoption Agreement
This tells the judge about you and the child you are adopting.
The judge signs this form if your adoption is approv ed.
Indian Child Inquiry
This lets the judge know that you have asked whether the child
may have Indian ancestry.
Parental Notification
of Indian Status
This proves that the child’s parents have been asked about
Indian ancestry.
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