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Duke University Global Education Office for Undergraduates
Special advising hours for engineering students, to encourage
this underrepresented group to study abroad
Incorporate discussion of curriculum integration into
presentations to prospective Duke students during “Blue Devil
Study abroad info table at the yearly campus “Majors Fair”
The Duke University Global Education Office for
Undergraduates has made a strong commitment to integrate
students’ study abroad experiences with the curriculum back
at Duke. We have taken a number of initiatives, including
course development, research sponsorship, and media
Involving a variety of colleagues from throughout the university is
crucial to integrating study abroad into curriculum. Some
initiatives we have taken in this area are:
Meetings with departments
Meetings with Academic Advisors
Establishment of departmental liaisons
Partially subsidize faculty on site visits and conferences related
to study abroad
A faculty site visit which the Global Education Office sponsored
resulted in the addition of a month-long intensive German for
Engineers course to our spring semester program in Berlin.
It is valuable for students to direct attention before and after their
time abroad to processing the experience, its significance, and
its relationship to the student’s curriculum and goals.
With this is mind, the Global Education Office sponsored the
development of two courses within the International
Comparative Studies Department:
ICS 195 - At Home Abroad? (pre-departure)
This course examines how assumptions and expectations can
both support and undermine the experience and looks at ways
that students can better prepare to move across cultural
boundaries. It also explores the relationship between the
personal and the academic, with the particular goal of assisting
students to be alert to the research possibilities of their time
abroad without undermining the human contact that is so central
to the experience.
ICS 196 - Coming Home (re-entry)
This course provides students with the opportunity to reflect on
their study abroad experiences from a number of perspectives.
In particular the course focuses on the challenges of cross-
cultural communication and what it means to bring those
experiences home.
We have designed a page on our website for each major and
certificate program. These pages highlight programs that may be of
interest to these students, as well as any restrictions or
requirements the student should keep in mind.
These pages also often include virtual “postcards” and/or video
commentary from study abroad students, highlighting their
At the applicant stage, we have incorporated a searchable field
called “Compatible Majors” on our brochure pages. Students
can search for a study abroad program by major.
In addition, we have hard copy sheets for each major
highlighting programs that are particularly suited for students in
that major. We make these available at the Global Education
Fair, the “Majors Fair”, and information sessions throughout
the year.
The Duke Global Education Office has taken the following
initiatives regarding assessment:
Incorporated discussion of curriculum integration into our
Mission, Outcomes, and Assessment for SACS review
Established an Assessment Working Group to implement and
monitor our assessment plan
Created online pre and post study abroad evaluation forms
which will be used to help us measure how successful we are in
achieving our outcomes.
University departments have been encouraged to highlight
study abroad on their websites and demonstrate how it can
relate to their field and studies at Duke. In this example, you
can see a page from the Electrical and Computer Engineering
major website.
The Global Education Office contributes $25,000 per year to
undergraduate research to support summer research abroad.
Some examples from the 2009 Summer Research projects were:
European Union Migration Policy, Italy and the Chinese
Migration to Prato, Italy
Nationalism and Identity Promotion: Language Reforms in
China and Turkey
Examining the Impact of Entrepreneurship and Leadership
Education on South African Youth
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