About Us

Who We Are

Formsbirds.com is created by a group of form users who believe that there should and must be a website to meet user’s demand for various forms and documents. Thus we gather together to make it happen. Here at formsbirds.com we provide a large quantity of forms and templates covering thousands of categories. We have made great efforts to design great interface and great function in order to provide great user experience. We target not only desktops and laptops, but also popular mobile devices like iPhone, iPad and Android Phones. We share these materials on Formsbirds and believe they are useful for you.

What We Offer

High Quality

Forms and templates are supposed to be used by human, so the quality of forms and documents should rely on human too. On Formsbirds.com, every file a user reads has been reviewed by our editors to ensure that the document you view and download is of high quality.

Large Quantity

The mission for Formsbirds.com is to provide a comprehensive platform for users to find whatever documents you want. We have tens of thousands of documents covering thousands of categories. We will continuously expand the quantity and type of documents to meet different types of need from our users.


To provide the best content, interface, function and finally the best user experience, we build and develop the website with users in mind throughout the process. In order to let our users clearly know whether the document deserves a click to download, we design a preview page where you can view every single word. We also make the content of the document available for you to select and copy in case you are in need. To improve the download experience, we set few obstacles between a user’s clicking action and the file finally being saved in your computer. These are simply a few of our efforts and what we aim at is the best experience for you.

For the users' convenience, we also provide App download in Chrome Web Store. If you want to get quick access to Formsbirds, just click here to install the App and enjoy easier life.

Our Mission

We deeply understand the difficulty of finding a proper document which may well meet your demand. So we want to create a platform where the documents you search are right at your fingertips. At Formsbirds.com we hope you to discard the searching keyword like “in pdf format” and forget such searching tactic as “filetype:”. Our mission is to provide such a place where you can find whatever documents you want in the easiest way that you can imagine.

Our Team

Formsbirds support team is an energetic and motivated group with professional editors, product managers and engineers.

Editors: Our editors view and operate hundreds and sometimes thousands of different types of documents daily. This is a highly experienced team regarding forms and documents. We know exactly a file falls into which category and what category can best meet the user’s need for forms and templates.

Product Managers: Our product managers are experts at user experience. We study user activities every day both on our site and on the internet to better understand user’s need. Before any function is offered to our users, our product managers would test it over and over again to make sure that the final version is the best one.

Engineers: To ensure a great user experience on our site, engineer team plays a key role. Our engineers are highly experienced and passionate. We have developed documents-related website for many years and our engineers have had experience in dealing with millions of documents. When any minor problems happen on our site, our engineers would fix them before they actually impact the experience of users.